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Floorify makeover: from a chilly first floor to a cozy home
This couple stumbled upon the Floorify Cognac vinyl floor (F019) and immediately fell in love with the floor and its benefits.


Amélie and Gilles secretly dreamed of a beautiful parquet floor but with two cats and a desire to have a child, such a floor would turn out to be a curse rather than a blessing. Since the date of relocation also approached with speed and there was neither time nor sense to break out the old tiles, they started with what seemed like an impossible quest: a floor that they could install on their existing tile floor without too much fuss. The couple got his eye on the Floorify Cognac vinyl floor (F019) and immediately fell in love with the floor and all the advantages.

Let’s be honest, first of all, breaking out an old tile floor is no fun, it costs money and can’t immediately be called a ‘quick’ alternative. With a Floorify floor the job is done in no time. Roll out the underlay, click all planks together and it’s all done. In a few days, they transformed their ground floor into a warm feeling entity that, due to the uniformity, also looks more spacious.

The couple has no children yet, but they do have cats. And if we may believe Amélie, then they make it sometimes even brighter than an active toddler. Nothing more fun than to have a floor in the house that is scratch resistant, stain and water resistant and therefore extremely easy to maintain. From hairballs to sprint sessions or a pot of spaghetti sauce that has fallen down. Let the beast go: your Floorify floor can take a knock or two.

Their love for a parquet floor is not even too far away: A Floorify floor looks just like a real wooden floor, one on which you can walk barefoot and immediately gives you the feeling that your house is a degree or two warmer.

The fashionista in Amélie went even one step further: they transformed their porch and hallway into a trendy spot thanks to our Terrazzo tile (F024)! Just like in the living and dining room there was also a tile floor in these rooms. It felt not only cold but dirt on the floor was also immediately visible. Quite annoying, certainly when you know that they park their bicycles in the hallway and sometimes forget to wipe their feet. With a Floorify floor over the tile floor a puddle of water or some dirty footsteps  disappear into the playful Terrazzo speckles. Handy, right?



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