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What is a Floorify rigid vinyl floor?

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Floorify floors are rigid synthetic floors that combine the best of both worlds: the warm ambiance of parquet flooring, the industrial look of concrete or the playful effect of terrazzo with an absolute ease of use. Floorify is thin, silent, warm, water resistant and easy to install on nearly every surface. The floors are constructed from 4 separate layers that are all bonded together in one go:


  1. Stain resistant, matt PU surface layer
  2. Extra thick transparent wear layer 
  3. High resolution decor film
  4. Innovative water resistant and sound absorbing Floorify Rigid Core 

Its structure appears similar to a classic click vinyl floor. But the secret lies in the unique sound absorbing and water resistant rigid core. The click connection of Floorify Rigid Core is twice as strong as that of an 8 millimetre thick laminate floor and at least 4 times as strong as click vinyl. Thanks to this rigid core, Floorify installs as easily and quickly as a laminate floor on almost any surface. Even without preparation. The Rigid Core remains completely stable and is shock-proof, even in extreme circumstances ( eg direct sunlight).

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