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What is the difference between Floorify rigid vinyl floors and ceramic tiles?

Just like Floorify rigid vinyl floors, ceramic tiles are completely water and stain resistant, so that both have a particularly long service life without too many maintenance requirements. Ceramic tiles are now also available in both natural stone and wood designs.


Yet there are also important differences. First of all, Floorify is much closer to real wood, both in feel and optically. Floorify rigid vinyl floors immediately absorb the ambient temperature and therefore always feel warm. Just like real wood. Very pleasant, especially when walking barefoot on the floor or when the children play along the floor.


Floorify planks come with a beautiful realistic surface finish wehere the structure follows the underlying pattern synchronously. As a result, the visual distinction with real wooden planks is almost impossible to notice. In case of ceramic tiles, there is no technology to achieve such realistic surface structures.


Just like with real wooden floors, Floorify rigid vinyl floors are installed without joints. Ceramic tiles (with wood imitation), on the other hand, are always provided with an unnatural joint (mortar) between the tiles. The Floorify tiles in concrete and terrazzo look are also installed without a joint, so that they look like a real cast floor due to the almost seamless surface.


In addition, Floorify also offers a number of technical advantages versus ceramic parquet. Unlike ceramic tiles, a Floorify floor is very easy to install with virtually no preperation on almost any surface (even on a wooden plank floor). WIth a Floorify floor you do not have to take into account drying times, so that the floor can be walked on immediately after installation. Thanks to the floating click system, a Floorify floor can also be easily removed without permanent damage to the substrate. Installing ceramic tiles, on the other hand, is a lot more complex (and therefore more expensive). Once installed, ceramic tiles can no longer be removed as easily if necessary.


Floorify floors van be perfectly combined with traditional heating systems on almost any surface and almost always without preparation. However, this is more difficult with ceramic tiles. Tile sizes up to a maximum of 3600 cm² (60 x 60 cm) are permitted on a floor heating without the use of a decoupling mat, and on condition that the general installation rules with straight joints (in grid) are respected. For tiles that are larger than the permitted standard or in the case of staggered installations (tile connections), a decoupling mat (expensive!) must always be used.


In general we can state that the installation of a Floorify floor will always be cheaper than that of a ceramic tile.

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