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What's the difference between Floorify rigid vinyl floors and laminate floors?

The core of a laminate floor (MDF) consists of wood fibers, making it very sensitive to moisture. If laminate floors come into contact with water, these wood fibers will swell and you will get raised edges. Those swollen edges are the first places where your floor will wear out: that is the cause of the "white corners" that you often see on the joints of a laminate floor. Floorify rigid vinyl floors are 100% waterproof to the core: ideal for bathrooms, moist maintenance is no problem, no accident with water either.


Laminate has a very high surface tension and comes with a particularly hard top layer: that is the cause of the annoying tick sound that is so typical for a laminate floor. The air layer (subfloor) under the laminate floor functions as a "sound box" and will further strengthen this tick sound. Floorify rigid vinyl floors are indeed rigid but do not have the same high surface tension as laminate. As a result, they do not generate annoying ticking noise and are extremely quiet.


Laminate, just like ceramic tiles, can feel very cold. Floorify rigid vinyl floors immediately take over the ambient temperature, just like real wood. Cold feet are a thing of the past!


Floorify rigid click vinyl floors combine the ease of installation of a laminate floor and add extra strength, water resistance and comfort (warm and silent) to it.

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