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Is Floorify a sustainable product?

Floorify is a good example of the sustainable use of plastics. Unlike plastics used in disposable bags or straws, for example, the life of a Floorify rigid vinyl floor is particularly long (up to 25 years warranty). A lot longer than the use of plastics in "sustainable" applications such as the automotive industry or smartphones.


Thanks to the floating installation, a Floorify floor can be easily removed at the end of its life cycle (as opposed to glued solutions) and, moreover, recyclable (as opposed to multi-layered plastic floors that consist of different types of materials laminated together). This is also the reason why the underlay (PE) is always delivered separately. In this way we immediately create all the right conditions to achieve an optimal recycling.


Since Floorify rigid vinyl floors are not glued, and there is no glue in the product, you should not worry about VOC's (volatile organic compound: air quality). Floorify is A+ certified in this regard.


Floorify complies with all the most recent European directives (REACH) with regard to hazardous substances (SVHCs) and constantly monitors production on this.

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