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Can I use Floorify rigid vinyl floors

Yes, because of its strong and durable surface layer, your Floorify floor is the perfect solution for intensively used area such as kitchens. As proof of this quality, you get a 25 year warranty on your Floorify floor.


100% Waterproof


Floorify does not contain any wood and is made up completely from synthetic materials, which means the floor is 100% waterproof. That means your floor is suitable for damp areas and that it can be cleaned with water without any problems.


Easy to maintain, easy to love


One of things you will enjoy most about your Floorify floor is the ease with which you can clean it. And thanks to the sealed surface, the innovative stain resistant technology and the extra thick wear layer, Floorify floors are also very hardwearing and offer excellent protection against water and household chemicals.


Extremely impact resistant


Thanks to the high density of the Floorify rigid core heavy, falling objects won’t leave any marks. Even long-term impressions by heavy objects do not leave any dents. This is in contrast to the classic click vinyl where heavy local pressure for longer periods leaves a lasting impression in the supple panels.

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