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What moisture percentage must my subfloor have before we can install a Floorify floor on it?

Although Floorify Planks & Tiles are insensitive to moisture, the subfloor must always be checked for possible moisture problems. In case of moisture, the subfloor must be vapor-proof before the floor is installed. Moisture under the floor covering can lead to unhealthy mold formation.


Preparation for an underlay in screed or concrete 


Always give a frehsly laid screed or concrete sufficient time to dry out. The moisture percentage of the subfloor may not exceed 2.5% CM (cement-bonded screed) or 0.5% (anhydrite). In case of underfloor heating, the results must be 2% (CM) and 0.3% (anhydrite) respectively. Always measure, record and save the results of the moisture measurements.





wood or MDF

no underfloor heating




underfloor heating






Tip: Ensure that the room is always sufficiently ventilated.

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