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Why is it necessary to use an underlay?

When installing Floorify rigid vinyl floors you always have to use an underlay, which fulfills various functions.


EQUALIZATION: the underlay provides a nice flat running surface. The Floorify Comfort® underlay catches height differences up to 2mm / lm or fills joints up to 5mm wide and 4mm deep.


SOUND REDUCTION. The subfloor insulates sound to the underlying floor. For example, with the Floorify Comfort® underlay you achieve a noise reduction of 21Db (versus European Standard of 18Db).


IMPACT RESISTANCE. Just as with a good shoe sole, the underlay works shock-absorbing: it increases the walking comfort and the impact resistance of the floor.


CRACKING. The underlay ensures that pieces of dirt or grains of sand never come into direct contact with the hard bottom of the floor. This way you avoid annoying crackling noise when you walk across the floor.

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