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Floorify will deal with any complaints about its products in line with the existing legal warranty. As well as the existing legal warranty, Floorify also offers an additional extended warranty to customers who register their products in our warranty database.


Registration entitles you to the following warranty:

  • 25 years for residential use
  • 5 years for commercial use

This warranty is limited and is limited to the Floorify warranty conditions. To be able to claim the extended warranty, a complete and successful registration in our warranty database is required. once registered, we will send you a confirmation of extended warranty.

Fill in the details below and change your warranty from 5 years to 25 years.

1. Personal details

2. Register the floor

(Example photo)

1. Clear photo of the sales receipt (date determines start of warranty period)

(Example photo)

2. Clear photo of the pack label (showing colour and production batch)

(Example photo)

3. Optional: photo of installed floor

3. Where did you get to know us?

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