Cap Blanc Nez

Recommended retail price

€ 44,95 / m²    (incl. 21% vat)



Technical details


1524 x 225 mm


4.5 mm

Number of boards per pack


Number of m² per pack


Installation method

floating installation with click system

Residential warranty

25 years

Commercial warranty

5 years

Surface texture

authentic wood structure


subtly bevelled along all edges

Use category

class 33 - intensive use
can be installed in all rooms of the house

Remember me

Matching skirting board

S010: 61 x 10 mm

H010: 89 x 10 mm

Matching t-profile

O010: 36 x 6.2 mm

Matching end profile

E010: 31.4 x 9.4 mm

Q010: 40.6 x 9.4 mm

Comfort Underlay

U001: 2 mm - 15m²/roll

Unique characteristics

Natural beauty: XL boards, warm colours and authentic grooves give your Floorify floor that natural look & feel that is so appealing.

Like a fish in water: water resistant for ultimate ease of use

So comfortable it makes you speechless

Easy to care for, easy to love

The strongest home: shock and stain resistant

Click-and-go: Just lay it, click it and you’re done

Millimetres full of possibilities: The minimal height is ideal for renovation & underfloor heating