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Floorify innovates at Batibouw!

Batibouw is getting ready for a premiere: Here Floorify introduces for the first time its Rigid Vinyl Planks & Tiles collection! The innovative boards and tiles combine the look of natural wood or polished concrete with wonderful ease of installation and much-loved floor characteristics such as quiet, warm and water resistant. Because every floor should be beautiful AND easy.

Floorify is a new Belgian flooring brand in which two young entrepreneurs combine 25 years of experience in floors and interiors to come up with a brand new and innovative approach. “Everyone dreams of a quiet, warm and water resistant floor. Laminate does not fulfil the criteria. Click vinyl can, but until recently the material did not score highly in the areas of click connection, warmth and sound transmission.

For Floorify, we looked for and found an alternative that combines the best characteristics of the various floor types: easy to install, strong, quiet, warm, user friendly and water resistant”, explains co-director and innovator Pieter Buyck.

"The secret lies in the unique sound absorbing and water resistant rigid core."


Tested and approved

After searching for nearly 12 months and an extensive test trajectory, Floorify launched its new collection at the end of 2016. Its structure appears similar to a classic click vinyl floor of 4.5 millimetre thick and a wear layer of 0.55 millimetre – class 33 to insiders. But the secret lies in the unique sound absorbing and water resistant rigid core. “The click connection of Floorify Rigid Core is twice as strong as that of an 8 millimetre thick laminate floor and at least 4 times as strong as click vinyl. In one fell swoop we can end all the prejudices about vinyl: Floorify can be installed just as easily and quickly as laminate flooring on all types of surface. Even without preparation. The Rigid Core remains completely stable and is shock-proof, even in extreme circumstances.

Belgian design

It is easy to summarise the revolution of Floorify: a new Belgian floor that combines the best characteristics of both click vinyl and laminate into one attractive design. This did not go unnoticed by the rest of the world: Floorify was awarded the Innovations at Domotex label from the eponymous international flooring trade show in Hannover. The principle of the Floorify floors is therefore clear: user friendly floors that ensure a warm ambiance and a long-lasting beauty. “Life should always be beautiful AND easy ”, so says Pieter’s colleague Marie Callens. As product designer, she was personally responsible for the special XL format of the boards and the detailed design full of clever wood structures and polished concrete. “I let myself
be inspired by everything I see and experience. From attractive interiors to impressive architecture.”

Beauty lies in the details

Floorify is not only unique in terms of design and product composition. The Belgian producers have also taken care of a complete range of flooring accessories. This includes the acoustic Floorify Comfort underlay, matching water resistant skirting boards and tailored profiles. “We are particularly proud of our profiles: subtle, sleek and elegant end and transition profiles in the same finish as the floor. Currently, Floorify is the only one to offer this. It really shows our attention to detail. As innovative flooring brand we are offering a total solution to five every interior a beautiful

Details are not just details, they make the design.