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The team of home & lifestyle platform Sundae started their renovation project a few months ago. The old but characteristic building in Roeselare was completely transformed into a beautifully finished contemporary house. A real gem, with everywhere in the house only Floorify floors. 

Check out the images! Metamorphosis of a house full of character into a beautiful contemporary house. The perfect combination of an authentic herringbone floor with a playful terrazzo speckled floor.

Gekozen vloer?

 Anago F319  Apple Crumble F055  Verona F023

 Hoe kwamen jullie bij Floorify terecht? 

Choosing floors is an important part of styling a house. They determine the whole atmosphere in a room!  On the Floorify website we already ordered somesamplessamples of floors that seemed fitting for our house. This way we could see for ourselves how beautiful the floors really are and how good the quality is! On the website you can quickly and easily order3 free samplesto see which colour suits your interior. Super handy!

We gingen ook langs bij één van de Floorify distributors in their shop. This way we could see larger floor surfaces and sample boards, compare the decors and colours and also see combinations of different floors together.  We still had doubts about whichherringbone floorfloor we would install in the living room, but after our visit to the dealer all our floor choices became final.  

Wat gaf de doorslag om voor Floorify vloeren te kiezen? 

For the floors in the Sundae House, we mainly wanted to give a warm touch to the property and reflect the soul of the old characterful house. But of course it is also important to make practical choices regarding materials.Floorify's rigid vinyl floorsare ideal, they have a warm appearance but are also very easy to maintain, waterproof and strong. Their extensive collection is not only beautiful but also very practical to install with a handy click system and floating installation.

Welke vloeren hebben jullie gekozen voor het Sundae huis? 

Voor de kitchenand pantry, we were looking for some playfulness. We really like the rigid vinyl floor withterrazzo look Verona – F023.  Deze Terrazzo tilesare very fresh and the fun pastel colours are also easy to combine with other interior elements. We ended up choosing the Verona for the pantry andkitchen en de bijkeuken, maar ook in de dressing en bathroomas well. By using the same materials and colours in thedifferent rooms, we create unity and peace in the house!

We vielen meteen als een blok voor de rigid vinyl herringbone floor Anago – F319. Deze look past perfect in de zithoek en dining areabringing warmth and cosiness.

Herringbone floors zijn erg populair, maar vaak ook erg duur. Met de Anago- or the other variations available - you get a very beautiful and classy alternative in vinyl with a tangible wood structure. Also very easy to install and again stain and water resistant. With this look you create instant cosiness!

Voor de bedrooms en slaaphal op de eerste verdieping kozen we opnieuw voor vinyl planks met een houtstructuur, in de kleur Apple Crumble F055, met bijpassende plintjes. Opnieuw een heel erg warme kleur die van de bovenverdieping een gezellige cocon maakt.

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