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1. Safe

Floorify contains no harmful substances.

A+ certification
A series of strict quality tests resulted in an A+ certificate in terms of indoor air quality.

Plasticizer-free core
Plasticizers are chemical substances used in the production of flexible vinyl floors. Floorify floors have a rigid core, free of plasticizers.

REACH compliant
Floorify effortlessy complies with all European directives (REACH) regarding the use of hazardous substances.

TVOC < 10 µg
Floorify contains no glue or formaldehyde and should not be glued either. So no worries about harmful VOCs. With "<10 µg", Floorify is 100 x better than the European standard.

2. The art of plastic

It is super strong, keeps on going, is 100 % waterproof and requires very little maintenance.

That's right. Plastic is a fantastic material. Provided that you use it sustainably. So not for disposable straws or plastic bags, but for long-term uses. Like... a floor that will keep on looking great for decades.

Did you know that we offer a 25 year warranty on our floors?

That's not something we "just do"! Another fact about plastic - we use PVC to produce our Floorify floors, which is the most CO₂-friendly plastic. Many fewer fossils fuels are used in the production of PVC than for other plastics.

3. Recyclable

We want Floorify to help make the world a better place. That's why we're helping to take care of it. Our rigid vinyl floors are entirely circular.

Floorify is installed floating, without glue, so you can easily unclick the floor and take it when you move home. In much the same way that you give your furniture a second life, your floor will also work well in your next dream home.

Floorify is 100% recyclable as it's a homogeneous product comprising just one material. The underfloor can alos be recycled - separately. Every little bit helps, so all production residues are being recycled into new floors. And thus we complete the circle!

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