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Marlies and her husband Joshua live in a beautiful terraced house in Deurne near Antwerp. You can tell that Marlies loves interior design and has a good eye for styling the minute you walk in. Her house combines all the hallmarks of timeless style with the latest design trends. Enter Floorify! 

They chose the Seychelles F100 floor for their living room. In fact, they loved it so much that they also installed it in their rooms upstairs. 
You get that unique wood effect that adds a warm, natural look and feel to the bedroom. What’s more, it always feels soft, cosy and comfortable underfoot. Which is a real benefit in the bedroom!

Their floor?                   

Why did you choose Floorify?

I found out about Floorify on Instagram. After visiting Floorify dealer Martens Hout in Schoten, we were immediately impressed with the quality of the Floorify vinyl floors. They also had quite an extensive and really nice collection with all kinds of different floors and colours.

What are 4 characteristics that describe Floorify?

  • Installing Floorify yourself is quick and easy. This way we saved timed and extra costs. 

  • Our Floorify floors are really easy to maintain and simple to clean.

  • The vinyl planks look natural and authentic, just like real wood.  You cannot tell it apart from real wood, the floor has a real wood structure and feels nice and warm.

  • Combining practicality with good looks! 

Why did you choose the Seychelles F100 floor?

We chose the vinyl parquet look because of its light but cosy colour. We used a lot of light colours around the house, which has the advantage of making the house feel bright in combination with the daylight.

Any tips you want to share?

If possible, always make sure your wood-look vinyl floor is aligned to the longest wall. This will make the room look even bigger. 

Would you recommend Floorify for bedrooms?

Definitely! Floorify is the right choice for a bedroom floor because the floor feels super nice underfoot: cosy, comfy and warm. No grumpy mornings with Floorify. 😉