How to lay vinyl flooring

Saving time: everyone loves that. The convenient, proven click-system makes installation child’s play. Goodbye parquet glue, welcome Floorify. Just lay it, click it and you’re done. So you’ve got more time left over for the really important things in life.

“Obviously a little skill is not out of place”

Installing Floorify starts with choosing the right underlay. Check here which underlay is right for you.

The advantages of installing vinyl flooring

Renovation friendly

Floorify vinyl floors are thin. Very thin. Just 4.5 or 4 mm. That’s ideal for renovation and perfect for underfloor heating or cooling. An extra plus: thanks to the minimal height you can easily keep existing doors. That’s a bonus.

Silent & dust-free installation

Perfect for installation in apartments or renovation of an existing floor: Simply cut you Floorify floor with a Stanley knife. Nobody is bothered by noise or dust.

Perfect combination - underfloor heating

Floorify floors are thin. Very thin. That means they conduct heat very well. You can therefore combine them perfectly with underfloor heating or cooling. Floorify Underlays can perfectly be used in combination with underfloor heating with hot water or electricity incorporated in the chapel layer.

How do you maintain a vinyl floor?


A quick clean to remove dirt, grease or footprints? Conny is your best friend. If cleaning was fun, this pH-neutral cleaner would be the class clown.

Conny Turbo

Stubborn stains on your floor? Then Conny Turbo offers you the perfect solution: a powerful cleaner that gives dirt no chance.

Conny Care

A rejuvenation treatment for your Floorify. Superficial scratches or streaks and natural signs of ageing are immediately reduced. Conny Care’s matt protective layer extends the life of your floor.