Ceppo Tiles  

Ceppo tiles are back in fashion. The floor exudes both tranquillity and character. With the Floorify ceppo tile, you can enjoy the natural beauty of a real natural floor and the corresponding ease of maintenance of a vinyl floor. The large tile format also creates an optically spacious feeling. The subtle joints of these ceppo tiles, which are barely noticeable, also contribute to a natural look. Without a doubt, ceppo vinyl tiles are also very easy to install yourself. This ceppo floor is often used as a trendy bathroom floor or kitchen floor. Coming soon to your home?

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What is Ceppo? 

Ceppo is the name for an Italian limestone. When you reduce this limestone to thin layers, you observe a boulder-shaped structure.  

Today, 'ceppo' has become a valued concept in the interior design world. Whoever thinks of ceppo immediately thinks of ceppo tiles. This fashionable trend is enjoying unprecedented success.   

Ceppo tiles, sometimes called ceppo di gre, exude a lot of personality. Today, ceppo di gre is most often found as bathroom and kitchen flooring. These spaces more often demand a floor with a natural look. Yet more and more architects are also choosing to use ceppo di gre in other places in the house.  

Ceppo di Gré: bring Italy into your home. 

Floorify offers you high-quality vinyl tiles with the look of Ceppo. The large XL tiles and subtle joints create a more spacious feeling. On top of the look and feel of a real Ceppo, you also enjoy the benefits of a rigid vinyl floor: warmer and easier to maintain.  

Easy to install yourself 

What makes installing a ceppo floor easy? Little to no preparation, few materials needed and, of course, a simple click system. There is almost no easier way to install ceppo tiles yourself. You simply roll out an underlay and then you click everything together tile by tile. There is no glue involved in the installation of your ceppo floor, which of course also makes it a lot more practical.  

Warm Ceppo floor  

Whoever thinks of ceppo thinks of natural stone. Whoever thinks of natural stone thinks of a cold floor. Ceppo is a natural product and therefore does not feel particularly warm. Floorify's vinyl tiles, on the other hand, do feel very warm. So besides the look and feel, you also get the benefits of a vinyl floor.  

Low-maintenance tiles  

A low-maintenance ceppo floor? It's possible! Of course, this is great if you wish to use the ceppo tiles as a bathroom floor or kitchen floor. Floorify's vinyl tiles are completely water-resistant and have a stain-resistant top layer. Spilled a little toothpaste? Dropped a glass of red wine? With the Floorify ceppo, you'll be fine.  

Budget-friendly Ceppo 

Ceppo tiles often come at a considerable cost, but things can be different. First of all, you can easily install our vinyl floors on an existing substrate without much preparation. You can thus save the cost of levelling. Moreover, there is no glue involved, which also affects the price. Thanks to the simple click system, installation goes a lot smoother. This means fewer working hours for the installer or you can simply place the ceppo tiles yourself.  

F027 - Ceppo

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