Floorify underlays

Floorify floors are installed floating: unroll the underlay, click and you are done! But why exactly do you need an underlay? On the one hand, Floorify underlays even out small irregularities in the subsurface so that you obtain an even, flat base for your planks or tiles. On the other hand, they absorb shocks, which increases the impact resistance and walking comfort of your floor. Floorify offers two types of underlay: Floorify Performance and Floorify Comfort. Both have been specially developed for use with Floorify floors and, in addition to their levelling and impact-resistant ability, each of them has a number of unique properties. It is important to choose the right underlay for the application you have in mind. Should you go for Floorify Performance or Floorify Comfort? We are happy to help you make the right choice!

Which underlay do I choose?

The Comfort and Performance underlays have been subjected to extensive testing in combination with Floorify floors. These high-quality underlays therefore retain their properties for at least as long as the lifespan of your Floorify floor.So you know that you are doing the right thing when you choose Floorify Comfort or Performance.

The performance underlay scores best for:

Underfloor heating and cooling

Its ultra-low heat resistance (0.009 m²K/W!) makes it super easy for the heat to pass through your floor. Result? Your underfloor heating or cooling is guaranteed optimal efficiency and you save energy! 

Intensive use

The Performance product is slightly harder, meaning it provides optimal support for your floor's click connections. Perfect for commercial applications with intensive use, such as restaurants, shops or offices


Performance is the ideal match for a Floorify herringbone floor. Thanks to being a bit harder, the large number of click connections are provided with excellent support.  

The Comfort underlay scores best for:

Noise reduction

Thanks to its resilience, the Comfort underlay reduces contact noise to the maximum extent (21 dB noise reduction!). For multi-storey buildings or apartments, this extra acoustic sound damping insulation definitely offers an advantage for the rooms below. 


Floorify Comfort is slightly softer and thicker. It is an excellent way of compensating for minor uneven spots in the substrate. Ideal for renovations!

Impact resistance

This underlay absorbs knocks and impact even better thanks to its softer and foamy character. So no need to worry if you accidentally drop something heavy. Comfort provides your floor with extra protection.

Preparing your floor

Installing Floorify? Everything starts with good preparation. Check here the necessary steps when getting started with Floorify.