The perfect floor for your living room

Your living room is the meeting place in the house. After a long day at work, you plop down in your seat, watch a feel-good movie with the family or have a nice evening with friends. The living room is the place to come home to. So create a cosy space that is pleasant for everyone to stay in. For you, your little toddler or adolescent teenager and for the guests you have there.

Durable floor, on all fronts

Your living room is bustling with activity. Ideally, you want a floor that can handle all of these activities. One that sympathises with you. A Floorify rigid vinyl floor is happy to meet all your needs and bring your living room to life.

Years of pleasure

A floor that you don’t lay just for a while, but for a long time. As proof of our quality, we are happy to give you a 25-year warranty. So get under the covers quickly and relax without worries. Your Floorify rigid vinyl floor will be happy to enjoy the years with you.

And you’ll enjoy it. Thanks to the closed surface and the innovative anti-stain technology, dust and dirt do not get a chance. No more hours of scrubbing.  A a quick run around with a Swiffer, vacuum cleaner or a damp mop and you’re done. This leaves more time for what is really important in life.

The Floor(ify) is for dancing

You feel what you see

That rough softness of brushed parquet is great. You can see the knots and veins of real wooden floors. And you feel them when you walk barefoot on your vinyl floor. Finished with a matte finish for a natural look and feel.  That is how your Floorify floor in your living room shines without any gloss. 

And the warmth isn’t just in the colour. A vinyl floor also always matches the ambient temperature. The result? A floor that radiates warmth and always feels cosily warm. Great at any time of the day.

By the way, did you know that Floorify floors can be combined perfectly with underfloor heating? Thanks to their low thermal resistance, the heat quickly reaches the floor surface for a wonderful feeling at your feet.

Enjoy in silence

Enjoy the sound of silence. The smart combination of the sound-absorbing Floorify floor and Comfort underlay provides a sound-absorbing acoustic layer that absorbs more than 21 dB. No heel clattering, no annoying clicking of animal claws on the floor. That means you can enjoy your peace and quiet in your living room at any time, even when your teenage daughter is practising her latest TikTok dances.

Some beautiful realisations of living room floors

F001 - Paris Tan
F317 - Unagi
F100 - Seychelles
F019 - Cognac
F021 - Cohiba
F100 - Seychelles
F028 - Jellyfish

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