The perfect floor for your office 

Your office space is a personal place at home where you spend several hours a week. A must-have in any home, where you can retreat for a while, where your most creative plans are forged and often where your best ideas come. So choose a floor that creates a pleasant workplace that you want to stay in for hours. 

The essentials of a Floorify floor

In complete tranquility 

Floorify rigid vinyl floors are quiet joys. In combination with the Floorify Comfort underlay, shocks are absorbed and impact sounds are reduced to 21 dB. No annoying noise to constantly distract you. Focus is on.  

Maintenance? Easy-peasy! 

Spillages are no problem, and a coffee stain can be wiped away in no time without any permanent stains afterwards. Thanks to the protective top layer, as well as properties such as waterproofing, your Floorify floor in your home office requires virtually no maintenance. In addition, the sealed surface ensures that dust and dirt can’t stick. This leaves time for what really counts.  

F019 - Cognac

The extras of a Floorify floor

The extras of a Floorify floor

Your home office is a place where you mainly have to work, so it goes without saying that in the first place everything has to be furnished practically to suit your work. However, that does not mean that the floor you choose cannot be beautiful.  

Because of the large knots, the deeper surface structures and the unique décors, you will experience the authentic look and feel of a real plank floor with a Floorify floor. Or would you like something a bit more robust? Then try our vinyl tiles in a concrete look or with a natural stone floor effect. Choose a floor where you think: this is where I want to come home. I even want to work here. I’m sure we have one of those for your office.  

No more cold feet 

Heated floors are hot these days – literally and figuratively. Vinyl conducts the heat excellently and is, therefore, perfectly compatible with underfloor heating. This turns your desk space into a cozy hot-spot.  

Some beautiful realistations of floors in an office

F319 - Anago
F319 - Anago
F022 - Black Beauty

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