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The most beautiful vinyl floors

1. natural beauty

colours with character

Whether you choose planks, herringbone or tiles, the colours of your Floorify floor are authentic, warm and very natural. Timelessly beautiful, yet in line with the latest interior trends. At Floorify, you can always choose a floor that suits your interior and reflects your character.

playful variation

Our biggest inspiration? Nature. There, you rarely find repetition or set patterns. Playfulness and variety abound. That is why Floorify floors have many different planks. And that provides a very natural.

you feel what you see

Our click floors do not need gloss to shine. What's more, it's the matte finish that provides a natural look. You can see the grain and the knots in the mild morning sun. And you can feel them, when you go to get that first cup of coffee of the day barefooted. A very authentic look and feel, that is the ultimate Floorify experience.

into the groove

Subtle grooves accentuate the size of the planks and thus contribute to the authentic- wood look of you FLoorify floor. And you don't have to worry about maintenance. The grooves are easy to clean. Even after spilling your glass of wine.



The grandeur of wide planks, the classic elegance of a herringbone floor, large tiles in a concrete look for a subtle industrial touch,... Floorify has no standard sizes. We create each product in a way that is fits perfectly in your interior. Floorify? It's a complete collection and wide in variety

eYE-catching herringbone   

Love at first sight. Does that even exists with floors? Oh yes! The youngest member of Floorify family is the herringbone floor. The floor radiates the atmosphere of chic mansions. Floorify mafe a playful and unique version of it. We also consciously opted for individual planks that you simply and quickly click into a beautiful herringbone floor. It gives your interior that little bit more allure.

bigger and more daring

Extra long, extra wide and a particulary natural effect. Meet the XL planks (no less than 2 m long!) and big Floorify tiles that measure 60 x 90 cm. Unusually large sizes for a maximum experience of each room. Their exceptional dimensions ensure that every room looks more spacious. Think big! In that, we're really unique.


matching skirtings
& profiles

The perfect match for your floor? Skirting boards and profiles in the same colour and designs. So no more painting of skirting boards! Floorify has the right finish for every floor, in the same colour and equally wear and water resistant. Did we mention that details really make the difference?

Combination of planks
and tiles

Do you want to combine several floors in one space completly seamlessly? You can! Floorify planks and tiles can be clicked together without profile, resulting in a lengtwise seamless connection
The end result is a modern and sleek floor surface that creates tranquillity and gives a wonderful feeling of space.

20 x 20 m

With most click floors, you have to install transition profiles at regular intervals, certainly when transitioning between different rooms. This is not necessary with Floorify: our floors are extremely stable and refrain their shape. This allows you to install up to 20x20 m profile-free