Why Floorify?


The strongest home

Having fun is the essence of life. And that accidents happen sometimes, you gladly take that too. Exactly why our floors are shock and stain-resistant. With an extra thick  rotective layer, an innovative top layer with anti-stain technology and the unique Floorify Rigid Core for a stable, strong and solid core.

Why? Because musical chairs should be fun. Because as a parent you don’t have to worry about children playing. Because a kitchen accident is not a disaster.

A really strong plank

  • In traditional click vinyl , the floor panels are very supple. When warmed up, for instance by direct sunlight, they even become downright "soft" and also expand. Also they miss the inner strength (stiffness) to push the panels next to themselves away. Result: the floor expands at the weakest point and pushes the end of the panels upwards.
  • Floorify planks are rigid, just like parquet or laminate. When expanding, they will also act like parquet or laminate: the individual floor panels are stiff enough to push the adjoining panels in order for the floor to expand into its expansion joint. Floorify panels actually only expand minimally in any case thanks to their exceptional dimensional stability. Which is why an expansion joint of just 5mm around the floor is sufficient.

Extremely impact resistant

Thanks to the high density of the Floorify Rigid Core and the quality Floorify Comfort Underlay, your Floorify floor is extremely impact resistant. In contrast to, for instance, parquet floors, heavy, falling objects do not leave any marks. Even longer term impressions from heavy furniture do not lead to dents in the floor surface. This is in contrast to traditional click vinyl where heavy loads lead to lasting impressions.

The strongest click connection

Thanks to the unique Floorify Rigid Core and the extremely robust click system, the Floorify click connection is up to twice as strong as that of an 8mm laminate floor and as much as 4 times as strong as for traditional click vinyl. No risks of gaps if the floor shrinks after a sunny day. Also for local heavy indentation&nbps;you should not worry about breaking the click connection with resulting height differences. Dance parties and high heels don’t present any problems for this floor!

Extremely stain resistant

The innovative Floorify anti-stain technology means that stains can’t seep into the surface. Most stains can simply be removed with a dry cloth. Persistent stains can easily be removed with some acetone. Without leaving any traces!


Like a fish in water

Floorify floors are water resistant. Not just a bit, completely. Let your living space, bathroom and bedroom seamlessly merge into one another: Floorify is at home everywhere. The ease of use and versatility you get for free. Both for the water splashes from the shower and that spilled gin and tonic.

Completely waterproof, to within the core

Floorify is manufactured from 100% high quality synthetic material. To within its innermost core. In contrast to products based on wood fibre (parquet, laminate) Floorify can’t swell up when it comes into contact with water. Absolutely no risk of proud edges or premature wear.


So comfortable it makes you speechless

Bring your home to life with people and music, and discover the ultimate in floor comfort. The smart combination of the sound-absorbing Floorify floor and Comfort underlay creates a wonderfully soft flooring and an acoustic layer.

The result? A warm floor that always feels cosy and absorbs more than 20 decibels. So you can enjoy every moment of peace and quiet, even when the blocks and racing cars are flying around in the nursery.

Very quiet

Your Floorify floor absorbs sound. In contrast to, for instance, laminate that can generate drum effects and reflect the sounds due to its high surface tension. No issues with nasty ticking noises with a Floorify floor!


Just like real wood, Floorify floors adapt to the surrounding temperature very quickly. Because of that, they feel pleasantly warm and invite you to walk on them in bare feet. No problems with cold feet, as with ceramic tiles or laminate, when you get out of bed or out of the shower in the mornings!


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