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In the TV programme 'Een frisse start met VT Wonen', moving hero Sieg De Doncker offers a helping hand to turn people's houses into real homes.  And the floors? They come from Floorify! Thanks to the cooperation, Sieg knew how versatile they are, can take more than a knock or two and combine the unique charm of wood-look or concrete-look with unparalleled ease of use. This is the best of many worlds.

Love at first sight. Does that even exist with floors? Oh yes!  Sieg, Maureen and their daughter Nelle are already extremely enthusiastic. 

Love at first sight. Does that even exist with floors? Oh yes! Sieg, Maureen and ther daughter Nelle are already extremely enthusiastic.

Chosen floor? 

F023 - Verona

F301 - Uni

F101 - Sabayon

Why did you choose Floorify? 

Thanks to the cooperation during  'Een frisse start met VT Wonen', I knew how strong, beautiful and qualitative the Floorify floors are. Accidents are okay, it’s easy to clean and it is the perfect floor for messy households. These are real Floorify advantages that confirmed our choice even more.  

Would you recommend Floorify, and why? 

Absolutely 100%! In view of the fact that our little daughter Nelle will later like to romp and tinker, it is important to have a user-friendly floor that is water- and tamper-proof. The top layer of Floorify floors has a hyper-protective film through which, in addiction to water, no stubborn stains such as permanent marker pass through.

What are your experiences with Floorify floors? 

Very good! Firs of all, I ordered free samples to find out which colour best suits my interior. Then I went to the dealer Beulen in Hasselt. They gave me extra tips and tricks concerning the installation of Floorify. Once I got the hang of it, it went very smoothly. No demolition, no dust and no hassle. Just cut, click and done! For herringbone floors, I would count on more time as it involves a bit more planks.

 What five characteristics best describe Floorify? 

Scratch-resistant, soundproof, strong, beautiful and renovation-friendly.

Did the installation go smoothly? Any tips you want to share?

The installation went very smoothly. A tip would be to measure very carefully in advance to know exactly how much you need. A final tip: if you have a small piece of floor left over, you can use it to hammer down the floor so that you do not have to knock on it directly.

Curious to see the end result? Stay tuned 😊