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The founders

“For years, we designed and sold floors on behalf of others, but we both knew that it could be done better and more beautifully. The decision was made: to do it ourselves.”

Yes, with 25 years of experience in floors and interiors between them, Marie Callens and Pieter Buyck know exactly where things stand. On Floorify, of course.

Marie’s eye for design goes hand in hand with Pieter’s technical knowledge. Ask him about the density and tensile strength of Floorify and his smile appears spontaneously. “I Love materials and possibilities. Thanks to the unique rigid core and the innovative production process, through Floorify we can solve all the traditional problems of click-vinyl and laminate in one go. Isn’t that cool?”

Floorify is quiet, warm, water resistant and easily installed on just about any surface. Even without preparation. “The chance to launch such a revolutionary product only comes once in a lifetime. That is why Floorify is such a fantastic project.”

Just like you, we love beautiful interiors and floors that almost unnoticeably create that warm feeling of home. The moment when you pour a delicious drink, put on your favourite playlist and enjoy the good life with friends, family or children. That is living as it should be: pure, beautiful and care free with a Floorify floor tailored to your home and your life.

"The mum in me thinks practically: my floor must withstand my little tearaways. Not for just a bit, but for along time."


Floorify is a Belgian design through and through. Whichever Floorify floor you choose: as a stylist, Marie personally took care of the design of the special format and the detailed design. With thanks to Pinterest lists. Many Pinterest lists. “I let myself be inspired by everything I see and experience. From attractive interiors to impressive architecture.”

A floor that matches your home. A floor that allows you to live. And spill things. And dance. And put my muddy feet on.”

"I let myself be inspired by everything I see and experience. From attractive interiors to impressive architecture.”

for interior lovers and parents

More beautiful, easier and stronger. These three words are the essence of Floorify. “The fashion addict in me is crazy about a natural timber floor in the home. The mother in me thinks mostly in practical terms. Pudding on the floor, toys that are lying everywhere on the floor: my floor must be able to withstand my little tearaways. Not for a moment, but for a long time.” Enter Floorify.

"Floorify combines the best of both worlds: the warmth of natural materials with absolute ease of use. Including extra strength and water resistance."
revolution of vinyl flooring
By innovating with rigid Vinyl planks and -tiles Pieter and Marie combine the best of both worlds: the warm look of natural materials with absolute ease of use. "Actually, Floorify is doing even better, because our planks and tiles Are waterproof and as robust as can be. The looks and the  Confort In one."

"Developing your own revolutionary product: it doesn't get better than that. We've done that with Floorify."


Producing sustainable products is only something that a truly sustainable business can do. And so, every day, we are getting greener and better. We think big, except when it comes to our ecological footprint. As a company, Floorify is more than ever ready for the future





Marie has been nominated for the WOMED AWARD 2021! The annual award for the 'Businesswoman of the Year'.

Together with Pieter Buyck, Marie Callens decided five years ago to take the plunge and start her own business.  Floorify innovated in 2016 as the first in Europe with rigid vinyl floors with click system. 

Marie believes it is important to continue to innovate in the product area, to continuously optimise the service to her customers through local warehousing, digital unburdening and a strong customer care team. She also strongly believes in combining a digital strategy with a personal approach through innovative shop concepts. Her ambition is to become the reference in rigid vinyl flooring in Europe with Floorify.

"With my participation, I want to encourage other female talents to take the plunge and start their own business. It is never a good time to start, but once you have made the jump, opportunities come your way. Then it is a matter of keeping focus and knowing very clearly what you do and do not stand for."