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Victorien Loriers is a digital filmmaker who carried out his own flat renovation. He just needed to decide on a new floor. This was no simple task, as there were several criteria to be met. First, he wanted attractive flooring he could easily install himself, without removing the previous tiles. With no dust or demolition work, and suitable for use in a flat. Finally, the flooring needed to be both durable and water-resistant. Enter Floorify! Victorien opted for Ceppo – F027 in his  kitchen, hallway and bathroom and Unagi – F317 in the living and dining areas.

Flooring choices:
 F027 - Ceppo 

F317 - Unagi

Why did you choose Floorify? 

I first discovered Floorify at a supplier on a friend’s recommendation. I was soon convinced, as these floors fulfilled many of my requirements. Once I saw Floorify’s lovely and extensive collection, I was sold. As well as being attractive and user-friendly, these vinyl floors offer great soundproofing. The floor and underlay in combination are comfortable to walk on and act as an acoustic barrier. Footsteps become much less noticeable. That isn’t just nice for me, my downstairs neighbours benefit too. It’s perfect for use in a flat. 

Why would you recommend Floorify to others?  

I’ve lived with my Floorify vinyl floors for six months now and I’m still an enthusiastic #floorifan. These are wonderful floors for everyday use, low maintenance, soft and comfortable. They are lovely to walk on in bare feet, much less chilly than tiling or hardwood. Floorify has transformed the appearance of my entire flat.

What is your experience of Floorify floors? 

My entire flat had ugly orange tiles throughout. I wanted to modernise it without spending too much money or removing the existing flooring, to avoid dust and waste.

I’m extremely happy with the results. People visiting my flat have all been very complimentary. 

What three characteristics best describe Floorify? 

Wear-resistant, renovation-friendly and warm.

Why did you pick Ceppo – F027? 

For the kitchen and hallway, I wanted a practical, low maintenance design. These are areas that get dirty fast. You have a cooking accident, people come in wearing dirty shoes and so on.  Ceppo's speckled pattern makes it easy to keep things looking good. Besides, the design is very trendy and fits in well with the rest of my flat’s interior. 

Why did you pick Unagi – F317? 

I’ve always loved a nice herringbone pattern. I think it adds character and charm to a room. For maintenance reasons, I didn’t want actual wood in my flat. Floorify is the perfect alternative. It looks just like real wood, with knots, natural variations in board width and an authentic texture – without any of the disadvantages.