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Sweatability is a Belgian shop that brings together elegant and fashionable active-wear brands for both men and women. They strive to offer an easy and relaxing shopping experience with a simple return service. Their beautiful shop can be found in Oostduinkerke. For the Sweatability shop, Yasmine chose the sleek and warm Pebble Beach floor.

Chosen floor? 

F030 - Pebble Beach 

Where did you hear about Floorify?   

We first heard about Floorify from our interior architect Kobe from Studio Koge in Ostend, who deigned our shop. He immediately chose Floorify in his first design. Since we wanted to work with many wood accents in the furniture, we were looking for a concrete look floor. It was love at first sight with the Pebble Beach.

How would you describe Floorify floors using 4 words?   

For me personally: Minimalist, modern, user-friendly and warm.

 Why did you choose the F030 - Pebble Beach? 

The Pebble Beach is the perfect colour for a seaside shop. Because of the subtle colour shade, sand and other fine dust are not so easily seen. The fact that the floor is also so good at absorbing sound also eased the choice. The concrete look floor creates a beautiful whole, we have the look of a concrete floor with all the comforts of a vinyl floor. 

Would you recommend Floorify in shops and why? 

100% definitely. We have had the floor for a little over a year now, and there are quite a few comings and goings in the shop: buggies, children with bicycles, women in heels, families with sandboots... There is no wear or tear of any kind to be seen on the floor. This is also the ideal floor in terms of sound insulation. Moreover, I save many hours every week because the Floorify floor is so easy to clean. 

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