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Welcome to Studio LDE where Lisanne with her handmade 3D artworks and tables and the carefully curated collection of interior accessories gives your interior that little extra you have been missing.  

Lisanne instantly fell in love with the Jellyfish. The seamless effect makes it look like a real cast floor, but much more user- and maintenance-friendly. The XL concrete look provides a peaceful yet clean base. 

Chosen floor?  

F028 - Jellyfish 

Why did you choose  Floorify? 

Floorify offers an extensive collection of very nice floors with the latest trends. For our new shop we were looking for a cast floor, but this appeared not to be suitable for our premises. When we came across Floorify online, we immediately fell in love with the concrete look floor. Because of the seamless effect, it looks like a real casting floor, but then much more user-friendly and low-maintenance.

Which 4 words would you use to describe Floorify?  

Timeless, minimalistic, easy-care and good value for money.

Why did you pick F028 - Jellyfish? 

The Pebble Beach colour is warm and atmospheric and we wanted to create a warm base in our shop. Many floors are very grey, but the Pebble Beach colour is the perfect combination between the desired warmth and atmosphere.

Any tips you want to share?

Order the different samples online. This helped us a lot to make the right choice. At first, we decided to go for another colour because colours look different on a screen. But when we received the samples, we were immediately sold by the beautiful concrete look of the Jellyfish. 

Would you recommend Floorify in a retail shop? 

Absolutely 100%. Floorify is a beautiful and quality brand to work with. The communication is perfect and they give good advice.


Have you had any nice reactions to the floor? 

Everyon thinks the floor is very beautiful. Some people even think it is a real cast floor. When I tell them the story of Floorify, they immediately become enthusiastic. 

Do you have a fun project that you want to share? Send an email to   marketing@floorify.com