The perfect floor for your nursery floors 

A parquet floor or natural stone does not really suit your little angels/rascals in terms of its maintenance profile. That is because you are always amazed at how they manage to spread their entire toy box neatly across the floor. Because your child likes to express themselves as a true artiste with paint and brush. Because an accident with the drinking bottle will happen soon. Opt, then, for a cosy, warm nursery where your little heart breaker can sleep peacefully, crawl around on the floor and play without a care.

Messy is totally fine 

An accident has happened quickly. And tidying up isn’t on your toddler, child’s or teen’s favourite to-do list? A Floorify vinyl floor can handle your adventurous kids. A combination of toys, clothes on the floor or a wet, sticky accident and Floorify? No problemo.  

Floorify: easy to clean  

Clean the floor with a Swiffer, a vacuum cleaner or a damp mop and your Floorify floor looks like new again. Thanks to its sealed surface and innovative anti-stain technology, your Floorify vinyl floor does not hold any dust or dirt.     

100% Waterproof 

The chances of it always staying dry in your nursery are virtually non-existent. Save yourself headaches with a vinyl floor. Just run a cloth over the mess and get rid of it. A Floorify vinyl floor is 100% waterproof to the core. A safe choice, then. Let your child romp without a care and enjoy themselves without worries.  

A cozy ambiance 

Children live on the floor about half the time. They crawl, play, run and fall on it. So choose a floor that is practical and can take a beating or a hundred. Of course, the eye wants something nice to look at. There’s nothing nicer than an attractive, cozy room in which your child can be themselves, undisturbed. 

Soft walking comfort 

Let your child run wild on your Floorify vinyl floor. The clever combination of a Floorify floor with the Floorify underlay creates a wonderfully soft walking comfort. Moreover, this combo also has a sound-absorbing function. So let those children's feet kick, your Floorify floor and your sweetheart? That's a match made in heaven!  


Your growing toddler finds nothing cozier than discovering the world while crawling. A cold, chilly floor, therefore, really takes the fun out of it. With a Floorify vinyl floor you will no longer suffer from cold feet. Because vinyl absorbs the ambient temperature, your floor always feels cozy and warm.  

Floorify is ook ideaal voor vloerverwarming!

Some beautiful realisations of children's bedroom floors

F101 - Sabayon
F035 - Dolly
F017 - Champagne
F017 - Champagne

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