How can you clean your Floorify rigid vinyl floor?

Floorify rigid vinyl planks and tiles are extremely easy to maintain. All you need is a standard brush, vacuum cleaner, microfibre cloth or moist mop combined with our pH-neutral Floorify maintenance products. Do not use aggressive cleaning products. After cleaning, do not leave pools of water on the floor. Thanks to the innovative top layer with anti-stain technology, special treatment after installation is not necessary.

steam cleaner will not adversely affect your Floorify floor either. The impact of the temperature is fleeting and short-lived and will therefore have no negative effect on the click system, decor, colour or other product properties.

Please note: In case of intensive cleaning, moisture may get under the floor covering, which may possibly affect the screed (wood, concrete, screed, anhydrite, ...) in the long run.

We therefore recommend using a steam cleaner with a wide nozzle in combination with a microfibre rug. Make sure to completely dry the Floorify floor with a dry cloth or mop immediately after cleaning.


Remove coarse dirt and dust from your floor with a brush or vacuum cleaner with soft attachment. Then, clean the floor with water and Floorify Conny Turbo. Repeat this at least twice or as often as needed until the water remains clean.


Remove dirt daily by sweeping, wiping or vacuuming (soft attachment). Use a damp cloth or mop to remove less stubborn stains and splashes.


Mop your floor with a mop. Use water and the mild cleaner Floorify Conny. Keep to the prescribed quantity of maintenance product and leave the floor as dry as possible. Never use maintenance products that contain wax or oil. Do not use vinegar, polish or abrasives, corrosive detergents or solvents.


A rejuvenation treatment for your Floorify. Superficial scratches or streaks and natural signs of ageing are immediately reduced. Conny Care’s matt protective layer extends the life of your floor.

Floorify maintenance products have been extensively tested so that we can ensure that your floor has a lengthy service life. The neutral pH value of the products ensures that the top layer of your Floorify floor remains undamaged. In addition, these products do not leave behind a film. This way, the floor retains its original beauty. Carefully read the instructions on the packaging before use.