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The dining table is often the place where everything happens. Eating, tinkering and teleworking happens there. You sit down with a friend there for a nice chat over coffee or help your little one with their homework.  Your dining room is, perhaps, the room in your home that is most often used as a multifunctional space. So it is best to find a floor that can take a beating and tolerate some stains, dirt and spills. Floorify likes to be your partner in crime.




You display your own character at home. Whether you’re serene, enthusiastic or playful, your floor reflects your personality. Do you prefer modern or classic? A lot of colour or black and white? I’m sure there’s a Floorify floor in one of our collections to suit you. From wood to concrete or natural stone: Floorify has a floor tailored to your home and your life. 


Whether you go for our wood or concrete look or are a fan of our natural stone floors, our floors just look real. The beautiful knots and veins of wood or the whimsical structure of natural stone or concrete. Our Floorify floors are not just another imitation. They’re a texture in themselves. And the ease of maintenance? You get that for free.




Your pets making it just a little too furry, your toddler who would rather smear their mash on the floor than put it in their mouth, dust blowing around, one of your guests accidentally knocking over their glass. In a busy space like your dining room this is (unfortunately) a daily burden.  No greater luxury than a floor that you can clean again in no time. Just run a cloth over the stain, go round with the vacuum cleaner or a damp mop and your Floorify rigid vinyl floor looks like new again. Handy, right?


When choosing a floor, it is often a difficult choice and certainly for a busy space like your dining room. A wooden floor can be nice, but what a hassle when it comes to maintenance! A tiled floor then! But – brrr – it always feels so cold and chilly. Maybe you would prefer a laminate floor? But woe betide you if you spill anything on that. With a Floorify floor you don’t have to choose. You’ve got it all.




Our Floorify rigid vinyl floors are waterproof. Not just a little, but completely. So don’t worry about we cleaning or overturned glasses or soup bags. Your Floorify is like a fish in the water in your dining room.



A pot that falls to the ground, your children and their toys lying on the ground, spontaneous dance parties in high heels when you hear your favourite song on the radio. No problem! Our Floorify rigid vinyl floor stands the test of time. With an extra thick protective layer and the unique Rigid Core for a stable and sturdy core. No dents, no damage. Just a dining room full of fun!


Bring your dining room to life with people and music and discover the ultimate floor comfort of a Floorify floor. The smart combination of the sound-absorbing Floorify rigid vinyl floor and Floorify underlay creates a wonderfully soft walking surface and an acoustic layer. Enjoy to the fullest!