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Two years ago Rien and Rob chose - out of pratical reasons - for a linoleum floor in the kitchen and living room of their newly renovated terraced house. Because of a failed installation, they were never really satisfied with the result and were looking for a solution that was nicer, easier to maintain and a warmer underfoot. They found it thanks to Floorify.

Cracks, bumps and a line play of very badly placed welds. What turned out to be the last (and therefore most fun!) stage of a periode of renovation, turned out to be an anti-climax for Rien and Rob. After all, their new linoleum floors was not places as it should be. Rien: "We even got several friends who carelessly asked 'when the new floor came'. Our final floor looked like a subfloor. Auwtch. That was after all those months in the dust a little bit of a blow. Anyway: There's a solution for every problem. So we quickly decided that we wanted a new floor. But: an alternative that was not only beautiful, but also easy to maintain and practically feasible. This turned out not be easy to find."

They did not feel like removing the linoleum floor centimeter per centimeter, so Rien and Rob went looking for a floor that could cover the existing linoleum floor. Rob: "Because we did not have much room left around the windows and the doors, it had to be a thin floor. Parquet was not an option, due to being too thick and not really maintenance-friendly in the kitchen. Tils and poured floors weren't an option too, because linoleum is a natural material on which you can not apply an adhesive or epoxy layer. Laminate could do it. But the cold underfoot and the hollow ticking sound? We were not very pleased about that." After two years of searching, the couple discovered our Floorify planks. Rien: "I accidentally spotted the Belgian brand on Instagram. A credible and beautiful, matte wood look, thin, suitable for messy situations in the kitchen and the entrance hall, easy to install yourself on a linoleum floor, creating a warm underfoot and also budget-friendly? Floorfiy really fulfilled our full list of unfeasible demands. Thanks to the vinyl floor, we were able to combine the best of two worlds: the convenience of a low-maintenance linoleum floor and the warm, cosy look of wood."

10 advantages of Floorify according to Rien and Rob:

1. It's a wooden floor for messy families

“A parquet floor fits, in terms of maintenance, just not really in our family. A plate of spaghetti sauce would end up on the floor in no time; I would always forget to take my high heels off at the front door; And our daughter would pour her cup of water on the floor every day. As a parquet floor is not suitably for our way of living, which is definitely a bit messy, we choose to use the floors of Floorify.”

2. The floor is water and stain resistant

“We could easily install the Floorify floor in the kitchen, but also in the entrance hall (wet, dirty feet: no problem) and in the living room. We could even place it under the dining chair of our daughter who is an artist in throwing her red beetroot mash, her crumbs, water and chewed bananas on the floor on a daily basis. The floor was placed without profiles on our entire ground floor, creating a sense of space. No separate tile floor in the hall or kitchen, the room looks like one relaxing area.”

3. Small accidents are okay

“The top layer of the Floorify planks are equipped with a hyperprotective film, which, in addition to water, cannot penetrate stubborn stains such as alcohol or nail polish. Just wipe with a piece of cloth, the dirt is gone in no time. We know that, because we have already tested it accidentally. Moreover, you can also drop a heavy object on it, without a dent being left behind. We know that, because we have already tested it accidentally.”

4. It just looks real

“None of our guests have noticed that it is not actually a real parquet floor. The wood look is very credible.”

5. It's easy to clean

"With a vacuum cleaner, with a Swiffer. With some water, a mop and a pH-neutral maintenance product."

6. Vinyl is quiet

“No orchestra of pedaling children’s feet or plucked high heels: Floorify sounds just like a real wooden floor.”

7. ... and warm

“Because it immediately assumes the ambient temperature, Floorify always feels warm under your feet (and therefore not uncomfortably cold, such as tiles or laminate).”

8. It could be easily installed on top of the linoleum floor

“No need to break out the old floor, no dust, no hassle. Floorify is a perfect solution for lazy renovators like us, who would rather just lay a new floor on top of the old one.”

9. We could easily install the floor ourselves

“Floorify planks click together like laminate floors. So it’s a floating installation (on the Floorify Comfort underlay) and you don’t have to glue them. Cutting to size is not a hassle: just use an utility knife. Andmore importantly: it is dustfree!”

10. You can order matching skirtings

"Experience tells us that 'installing skirtings' often remains on the to-do list of renovations forever. That is why we ordered the matching Floorify skirtings. No break in style and immediately a finished room."