Can I install a rigid vinyl floor on a tiled floor?

Yes, Floorify rigid vinyl floors are especially thin and can be installed on existing tiled floors without difficulty. Thanks to the rigid core, you can install on top of an existing tiled floor without any risk of damage to the surface below. Make sure to always use our Floorify Comfort underlay. Make sure that the joints in the tiled floor are no wider than 5 mm and/or no deeper than 4 mm so that the click connection in our Floorify floor is properly supported. 

The minimal thickness (4 mm or 4.5 mm, depending on the collection + 2mm Floorify Comfort and 1.5mm Floorify Performance underlay) of the Floorify floors means that you can often keep your existing doors. This is ideal for renovation projects

What if one tile is a few mm higher or lower than the other?

Tile edges that protrude should be levelled at all times so that a stable, level base floor can be started.