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Innovative rigid vinyl floors

Floorify rigid vinyl floors combine the best of two worlds: the warm appearance of natural materials  with the ultimate ease of use. Floorify is thin, quiet, warm, water resistant and can be installed on almost every surface with a click system.

You can choose from different sizes: planks, herringbone and tiles. Thanks to their properties such as comfortable, strong and waterproof, all Floorify floors are suitable for use in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, office, laundry room, bedroom, children's room and so on.

Vinyl Concrete Look

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Terrazzo | Ceppo tiles

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Why Floorify?

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The strongest home

Our floors are shock and stain-resistant. With an extra thick  rotective layer, an innovative top layer with anti-stain technology and the unique Floorify Rigid Core for a stable, strong and solid core.



Like a fish in water

Floorify floors are water resistant. Not just a bit, completely. Let your living space, bathroom and bedroom seamlessly merge into one another: Floorify is at home everywhere.



So comfortable it makes you speechless

The smart combination of the sound-absorbing Floorify floor and Comfort underlay creates a wonderfully soft flooring and an acoustic layer.

The Floorify plank race test

A great advantage of a rigid vinyl floor is that you can install the floor on almost any surface without a complex preparation of the subfloor (egalization). Without seeing the joints of the underlying tile floor. Without seeing the uneveness of the screed underneath.


Always a nice and flat running surface, just like with real parquet.


That is why it is extremely important that your rigid vinyl floor is and remains completely stable. Even in extreme conditions (eg high temperatures, direct sunlight). Also for a longer period of time (that floor will of course lying there for years).


Floorify guarantees its dimensional stability. A Floorify plank  cannot be deformed, but always retains its original shape. We like to show you this: The Floorify plank race test!

A vinyl floor that can be installed very easily

Time saving: everyone loves that. A Floorify floor can be installed as easily as a laminate floor on every surface. The convenient, proven click-system makes installation child’s play. Goodbye parquet glue, welcome Floorify. Just lay it, click it and you’re done. So you’ve got more time left over for the really important things in life.


What makes the Floorify rigid vinyl floors so unique?

In terms of composition, a Floorify floor appears to be a classic 4.5 mm thick click vinyl floor with a wear layer of 0.55 mm – class 33 for the connoisseurs. But the secret lies in the unique sound-absorbing and water resistant rigid core. The click system of a Floorify floor is twice as strong as that of an 8 millimeter thick laminate floor and at least 4 times as strong as a flexible click vinyl.


Very lifelike decors:




Warm colours, authentic grooves and the unique look of wood give your Floorify rigid vinyl floor that natural look and feel that is so attractive. Each plank is the result of a search for the ultimate balance between character, colour, gloss and finishing touch.




Inspired by concrete floors, Floorify launches a new collection of vinyl tiles of exceptionally large size with a very subtle edge finish. The tiles are closely aligned with the industrial appearance of cast and concrete floors, but retain the handmade charisma.


Complete range of matching accessories


Need underlay? Finish with skirting board?
Or find the ideal maintenance for your Floorify floor?