The perfect Bathroom Floor: Floorify

What could be better than being able to relax after a long working day and pamper yourself with a delicious bath or an invigorating shower? Your bathroom should offer an oasis of peace and, above all, radiate cosiness and warmth. And don’t forget your little water rats, who will occasionally turn your bathroom into a swimming pool. That is why you should choose a Floorify rigid vinyl floor and enjoy your bath time without worries. 

Waterproof vinyl flooring for bathroom  

Can you damp? No problem! 

Are you also dreaming of a warm parquet look for your bathroom? Few people dare to do it and even fewer will recommend it to you. Water and wood are not the best friends and in a damp room such as your bathroom, including your bath, shower and towel rack, that is asking for trouble. 

But hey, don’t worry. Your Floorify vinyl floor likes a bit of water fun just like you do. A pool of water beside your bath? Wet footprints after you get out of the shower? The waterproof rigid core ensures that your Floorify floor offers the ideal solution for your bathroom without sacrificing looks. 

Vinyl Flooring: hygienic and easy maintenance 

The chances of it always staying dry in your nursery are virtually non-existent. Save yourself headaches with a vinyl floor. Just run a cloth over the mess and get rid of it. A Floorify vinyl floor is 100% waterproof to the core. A safe choice, then. Let your child romp without a care and enjoy themselves without worries.  

Bathroom vinyl: Cosily warm, wonderfully soft 

A dream for your feet 

Let your child have a good time on your Floorify vinyl floor. The smart combination of a Floorify floor with the Floorify Comfort underlay creates a wonderfully soft feel underfoot. In addition, this combo also has a sound-absorbing function. So let your child’s feet kick – your Floorify floor and your sweetest little heart thief? That’s a match made in heaven! 

Walking around on a Floorify vinyl floor is always a bit of a dream. Their natural designs seem real, feel cosily warm and soft and offer you a comfortable experience underfoot.  Even with footwear on. The high-quality sound-absorbing performance prevents unwanted noise.   

Floorify: A range of colours and designs 

With a Floorify vinyl floor with a timber look, every detail comes to life: thanks to the embossed structure, you can see and feel the depth of the wood grain and knots. The wide variety of planks contributes to a natural effect.  

Or would you rather a natural stone or concrete floor? With their large size and fine joints, Floorify rigid vinyl tiles offer a maintenance-friendly alternative for an almost seamless result. In addition, the Floorify Planks & Tiles have a matte finish for a beautiful natural look.  

Found your perfect floor? Floorify offers you a full range of accessories to finish off your floor to perfection: underfloor, matching skirting boards and profiles in the same colour as your floor. A beautifully finished whole is something we love!  

F102 - Teddy Bear

Some beautiful realistations of bathroom floors

F055 - Apple Crumble
F015 - Oyster
F029 - Coquille
F100 - Seychelles
F023 - Verona
F102 - Teddy Bear
F028 - Jellyfish

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