Why choose Floorify?

Choosing Floorify means choosing innovation, comfort and durability. Our rigid vinyl planks and tiles are specially designed for durability and style, and they come with extended warranty options that can reach up to 30 years, protecting your investment. Floorify floors are extremely water-resistant and suitable for any room in the house, including humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Furthermore, our floors are not only easy to install thanks to the efficient click system, but also easy to maintain, making them ideal for both residential and commercial use.

The strongest at home

Having fun is the essence of life. And that accidents happen sometimes, you gladly take that too. Exactly why our floors are shock and stain-resistant. With an extra thick rotective layer, an innovative top layer with anti-stain technology and the unique Floorify Rigid Core for a stable, strong and solid core.

Why? Because a party at home does not have to worry you. Because as a parent you don’t have to worry about children playing. Because a kitchen accident is not a disaster.

Like a fish in the water

Floorify floors are water resistant. Not just a bit, completely. Let your living space, bathroom and bedroom seamlessly merge into one another: Floorify is at home everywhere.

The ease of use and versatility you get for free. Both for the water splashes from the shower and that spilled gin and tonic.

So comfortable it makes you speechless

Bring your home to life with people and music, and discover the ultimate in floor comfort. The smart combination of the sound-absorbing Floorify rigid vinyl floor and underlay creates a soft walking surface and an acoustic layer.

The result? A warm floor that always feels cosy and absorbs more than 20 decibels. So you can enjoy every moment of peace and quiet, even when the blocks and racing cars are flying around in the nursery.

Floorify is renovation-friendly

Floorify rigid vinyl flooring is the perfect renovation floor.  It’s thin, strong and can be clicked onto almost any surface, without preparation. Yes, even over those ugly old tiles. No demolition, no dust and no hassle.

Floorify renovation flooring can also be used with underfloor heating.

Floorify planks and tiles click together easily. You lay them floating (on the Floorify Comfort underlay) with no need for glue. You can simply cut your floor to size with a utility knife. Cut, click and done! Without anyone needing to be bothered by noise or dust.


Do you want a sustainable floor? Then choose Floorify. Our vinyl floors have a long lifespan, are energy-saving, and are completely ready for the circular economy.

All our floors are designed to be used for as long as possible, to be reused, and then, at the end of their lifecycle, to be easily recycled.

Discover all the benefits of Floorify

... and they are beautiful too!

Whether you choose planks, herringbone, or prefer tiles, the colours of your Floorify floor are authentic, warm, and very natural. Timelessly beautiful, yet in tune with the latest interior trends. Hip design lover or cozy cocooner? With Floorify, you will definitely choose a floor that fits your interior and reflects your character.