The perfect floor for kitchen: Floorify of course!

Kitchen cookery violence in the house? Or some boisterous children who want to develop their baking talents? A floor in your kitchen often suffers through a lot. Grease, dirt and crumbs often mark your kitchen floor more than you would like. Unfortunately, sometimes leaving permanent stains. Create an attractive kitchen, in which everyone sits around the dining table, drinks a cup of coffee or where they cook together. User-friendly, but not impersonal as a result. Floorify shows you how to do that.

OK, drop it in... A Punch or 2

A kitchen floor is arguably the best boxer when it comes to punching. Even the best kitchen princes and princesses drop a pot, break a glass or juggle the kitchen cutlery a bit clumsily. Thanks to the innovative protective layer, Floorify floors are ready for any battle. A floor that can take a beating, ideal for people who love life.

Stain Champion

A kitchen can be the scene of small, domestic accidents. A spill, a leaking tap or children leaving an impressionistic work of art in carrot purée on the floor. Your Floorify rigid vinyl floor doesn’t care. Thanks to the innovative anti-stain technology and sealed surface, your floor will not hold any dust or dirt. Handy, in a space where hygiene is perhaps the most important thing.

Practical and stylish Kitchen Flooring? It can be done!

Ethique, c'est magnifique

A kitchen requires a maintenance-friendly and robust floor, but that does not mean that it has to be less stylish. From warm traditional wood with tactile knots and veins, to a slightly industrial concrete look or charming natural stone. Could it be something a bit different? Then go for an authentic Floorify herringbone floor. Floorify Planks & Tiles, that’s for everyone. Choose your style, colour and size and find the dream floor for your kitchen.

Combining floors? Or just not?

Do you like uniformity? Keep it simple and install the same floor type in every room of your home. This creates an optically spacious effect and creates a calming and open feeling. However, this does not mean that all rooms have to look the same. Place different accents in different spaces and distinguish them by adding minimal details to each room.

Missing out on choice? Then give each room a different touch by combining different floor types. Would you rather have a robust tile effect in your kitchen and prefer the warm charm of wood in the living room? Floorify Planks & Tiles can be combined endlessly.

Some beautiful realistations of kitchen floors

F318 - Toro
F024 - Terrazzo
F023 - Verona
F028 - Jellyfish
F102 - Teddy Bear
F027 - Ceppo
F096 - Île de Ré
F032 - Piccolo

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