Floorify: the perfect floor for underfloor heating

With Floorify, you get the ultimate floor for underfloor heating in your home. Our vinyl flooring is distinguished by its durable core and protective top layer, which ensure that heat is distributed evenly. The hard core contributes to excellent heat transfer, while the top layer ensures heat retention. In addition, Floorify is suitable for underfloor heating because of its low thickness, spreading heat throughout your home quickly and efficiently.

Why is Floorify the best floor for underfloor heating?

Floorify is an excellent choice for underfloor heating because the material consists of a hard, durable core and a protective top layer. This ensures not only that the floor is resistant to wear and tear, but also that heat is distributed evenly across the floor. The hard core ensures good heat transfer and the top layer ensures that heat is not lost too quickly.

Moreover, Floorify is very suitable for underfloor heating due to the low thickness of the floorboards and the low R-value. This allows heat to spread quickly and evenly throughout the floor.

1) The perfect R value for your floor

The R-value, also known as thermal resistance, is a measure of the insulating ability of a material or combination of materials against heat transfer. It indicates how well a material conducts the passage of heat. The lower the R-value, the better heat is transmitted to the surface.

Thanks to the low thermal resistance and the minimum height (4 to 4.5mm) of the floor, Floorify is therefore extremely suitable in combination with underfloor heating. Floorify has 2 different types of underlay: the Performance and the Comfort underlay, both are suitable in combination with underfloor heating.

Compared to the European standard for underfloor heating, Floorify significantly exceeds expectations:

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2) Sustainability at its best

Sustainability is at the heart of Floorify, especially when combined with underfloor heating. Our flooring is not only sustainable in terms of wear resistance and longevity, but also actively contributes to a more sustainable world by performing optimally with underfloor heating.

Our floor's excellent thermal conductivity allows more heat to pass through than other floors. This results in higher efficiency from underfloor heating, which not only makes for a more comfortable living environment, but also helps use energy more efficiently. As a result, Floorify contributes to lower energy costs and reduces ecological impact .

By the way, did you know that your trimmings can be given a new life after your vinyl floor is laid? With Floorevive, our recycling programme, recycling these leftover materials is easy. Just bring them back to your Floorevive retail outlet. We will make sure these scraps are recycled. And as a thank you for your eco-friendly efforts, you will receive a free bottle of Conny maintenance product and we will plant a tree for you in Madagascar!

Which underlay do I use with underfloor heating?

That's easy! You can use either the Floorify Comfort underlay or the Floorify Performance underlay for underfloor heating.

Each subfloor has its specific properties:

For optimum performance with underfloor heating, the Floorify Performance underlay is the ideal choice. This underlay offers a low thermal resistance of 0.009m² K/W, maximising heat transfer to your floor.

Would you like a herringbone pattern in your home? No worries, Performance underlay is perfect for this too. Because it offers maximum support to the click joints.

Because this underlay is slightly harder, it is the perfect match for floors that are used intensively.

So what is the difference with the Floorify Comfort underlay? This underlay is ideal if you have to deal with small unevenness in your subfloor. In addition, it offers excellent sound absorption properties, which makes it perfect for flats.

The Floorify Comfort underlay is also suitable with underfloor heating.

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