Floorify's durable floors

Want a durable floor? Then choose Floorify. That's because our vinyl floors have a long lifespan, as well as being energy-saving and completely ready for the circular economy. All our floors are designed to be used for as long as possible, reused and then, at the end of their life cycle, easily recycled. We are therefore happy to recycle your Floorify floor trimmings for you, through our new recycling programme Floorevive.

Making floors sustainable in 5 steps

Loooonge lifespan

Did you know that we are up to 25-year warranty on your durable plastic floor? And even up to 30 years if you install it on the Performance subfloor?

In fact, our unique Floorify plastic is so strong and low-maintenance that it lasts for years. So when you choose Floorify, you are choosing a solid and durable vinyl floor that will stay beautiful and in top shape for decades to come.

Super-easy maintenance

With the right maintenance of your vinyl floor, you will enjoy your floor even longer. Without any hassle, because Floorify remains the easiest in the house.

For a simple polish, get our cleaners Conny or Conny Turbo out of the closet.

Is your durable vinyl floor showing signs of ageing, superficial scratches or streaks after all these years? Then our floor rejuvenator Conny Care them not only less visible, its anti-aging formula also leaves a protective layer.

Strong in energy saving

Thanks to their minimum thickness, low thermal resistance and high density, our durable floors can be conduct heat like the best. The ideal match for underfloor heating and cooling, then.

Combine them with the new Performance underlay for maximum thermal conductivity and a optimal efficiency from your underfloor heating.

Use it again, and again, and again

Our durable floors are installed floating, without glue. So you can easily unclick them and move them with you. That way, your durable Floorify floor will have a new home in your next dream home.


Our sustainable floors are 100% recyclable. And that's pretty exceptional.

This is because most floor coverings are glued, or consist of composites that are impossible to recycle. Not so at Floorify. Our homogeneous floors consist of only one materialwhich does lend itself perfectly to recycling. In addition floor and subfloor not glued and completely separate from each other. They can therefore be perfectly recycled separately.

Just because Floorify floors are so easy to recycle, Floorify itself has a recycling programme set up: Floorevive.