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Tom Platteeuw and Kenneth De Smet are the young owners of student accommodation KOTanique in Mechelen. Byebye hotel mum, welcome student life.   

Floor choice?


"KOTanique" was completely renovated in 2021 and consists of 6 hip student rooms with private sanitary facilities, a fully equipped communal kitchen, cosy relaxation area and sun-drenched terrace.

Co-owner Tom - who is also an architect and led the renovation - already received a lot of enthusiastic responses to the Verona floor. Tom and Kenneth were looking for a beautiful, sturdy, user-friendly floor. After a visit to A-project, one of our distributors, they were sold. Enter Floorify!

We asked Tom about the biggest deciding factors in choosing a Floorify  terrazzo floor:

  1. The design was decisive and fitted in perfectly with the rest of my design. Moreover, it is also very handy that your floor looks less dirty because of the speckled pattern. 
  2. The communal kitchen and dining room are very heavily used by our students, we wanted a floor that was sturdy, easy to clean and user-friendly.

  3. It was also great that we could install the floor ourselves. That way we gained time and saved on additional installation costs. 

Tom is very satisfied with his choice of flooring for Kotanique. The young, fresh design suits Kotanique and its young residents! We always get very nice reactions to our Verona floor. I would definitely recommend Floorify to customers. 

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